Ideacon | Registration Form | NDITC_init 2019

Project Display

– Each team may consist of up to 3 members.
– Event will be open to all students.
– Participants must bring table cloth.
– Participants must bring their own material regarding their project.
– Participants can use electronic devices like laptops, phones, iPad etc. for their projects only. Inappropriate use of such materials will result in an immediate project cancellation.


– Participants have to submit a poster describing their idea/s.
– Each team will consist of maximum 3 numbers.
– Dimensions for the poster is:
Minimum: 3 feet × 2 feet
Maximum: 4 feet × 3 feet
– The poster must have a unique title.
– The poster must be submitted on the first day and all the team members must be present during judgement. Otherwise it will result in disqualification.
– Every poster should contain these information: Title, Member’s name/s, Institution’s name, Class, Group, Mobile no.

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